About Us

Valuing Health… Serving Precious Lives

Vardhman Health Specialities (VHS Group) Pioneered the distribution of specialty pharmaceutical products across India which are primarily used in therapies such as Oncology, Nephrology, Hepatology, Virology, Cardiology and Neurology, among others.

With two decades of experience in Healthcare and Pharma industry, VHS Group diversified into providing in-depth Healthcare and Pharmaceutical solutions. Group Have invested into pharma 4.0 initiatives In Creating Digital Healthcare Platforms. B2B SCM for Branded Generics

Being the 1st & Only Company in India to acquire the prestigious GSDP (Goods Storage & Distribution Practice) certification accredited by WHO, VHS Group with its advanced smart technologies, regulates the environment, bringing in flexibility that meets routine & speciality pharmaceutical needs. VHS Group infers dealing with dedicated knowledgeable personal who recognize the Speciality Pharmaceutical Industry and understand the vital role they play to deliver the right product at the right time and for the right price enabling the focus to be on what’s most important for Patients.

VHS Group have 18 locations across Pan India with State of Art Infra set-up to handle the Critical Care Life Saving Super Specialty Pharmaceuticals. We understand that Handling Biologics or Biosimilars are  Not just any cold chain product handling. We are handling care for someone’s life. We ensure with all Our Team, Infrastructure & Technologies that Our Storage Conditions, Consignment movements & Deliveries to Our Customers or any Specific Patient are always Safe, maintained properly for best Drug Efficacy. And We are proud to declare that Our processes are Validated, Audited as per WHO Standards of GSDP Every Year.