Life Saving Medicines

Emergency drugs/life saving drugs require immediate administration within minutes post or during a medical emergency ormedicines which have the potential to sustain life or prevent further complications. We at Vardhman Health Specialities Private Limited (VHSPL) strongly believe in quality and timely supply of Speciality medicines at an economical rate.

When it comes to lifesaving drugs where they are on demand for critical care and super-speciality segments, we assist healthcare professionals and establishments to save precious lives by ensuring 24/7 service windows.

Our motto is to make sure that patients are not deprived of the best medicine during any eventuality. For us ‘life’ is critical and we go that extra mile to save lives.

One of the critical services undertaken by Vardhman is to procure, preserve and timely distribution of lifesaving medicines across Indian cities. Through our unmatched quality services, we have already earned a place as trend-setters and pioneers in this direction.

Though these life-saving products are research-based and are manufactured in the US, Europe, South East Asia and UK and there was initially a great difficulty in procuring them for the Indian market, Vardhman was prominent among a very few service providers to channelize them to Indian patients way back in 1998.

At Vardhman, we are proud to say that we have a unique approach to deal with critical lifesaving medicines and we partner with a maximum number of healthcare innovators and strategically align with their business models.Both at the management level and to the last delivery step, our team structure and the human resource personnel involved in day-to-day operations are specially trained, skilled and are fully equipped to handle and deliver these drugs with diligence and priority.

We follow a strict timeline from the moment a product is ordered and till the last step it is delivered and our efficient logistics and warehousing facilities enable us to ensure an uninterrupted and streamlined supply chain management to reach the end customer/ patient at any part of the country. We have efficient and end-to-end communication system and tracking facilities that will ensure that there is no delay in reaching such high-priority medicines to the needy.